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Gratis verzending in Nederland


Ringsize information 

Below you will find a chart for the ring size. The ring sizes of the rings on our website are indicated in Dutch sizes (diameter mm). In the table below you can see which ring size belongs to which diameter and circumference.

 Measuring Ring Size

Are you looking to purchase a ring for yourself or someone else and unsure about the size? Here are three tips to determine the correct ring size.

A convenient way to determine your ring size is to measure the circumference of your finger by wrapping a string around it and then measuring the number of millimeters with a measuring tape. The length of the string represents the circumference of your finger. Refer to the table above to find the corresponding ring size for this circumference.

Another method to find out your ring size is to measure the inner diameter of a well-fitting ring you already own. Place this ring on a ruler or measuring tape and measure the inner diameter in the center of the ring (excluding the edges). The number of millimeters is the ring size of that ring.

You are welcome to visit us to have your ring size measured, or you can visit your local jeweler or goldsmith for assistance.

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