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Gratis verzending in Nederland


About Dufay

Inspired by my passion and love for everything that has to do with fashion, vintage and travel, Dufay was born.

Dufay is a unique jewellery brand founded in 2020. The jewellery is collected with love and comes from all over the world. I am always looking for hidden gems, every piece in the collection has its own extraordinary character and tells its own story. The jewellery is made of such rich materials as gold, silver, diamonds and gemstone.

I work together with our own goldsmith where all jewellery has been checked, cleaned and if necessary resized. 

It is important to me that everyone feels inspired to visit us, this is possible online and in our atelier at the Singel in Amsterdam. Whether you are looking for the ultimate gift for yourself or if you are looking for a unique piece of jewellery for an extra special occasion. 

With love,


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